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2000 Fishing Trip


The 2nd Annual AO Westchester Fishing Trip
July 12, 2000

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What a fabulous day.  We could not have asked for better weather - not a cloud in the sky, hardly a ripple on the Sound and this year we actually caught fish.  On behalf of all those who went on the trip we would like to thank Capt. Pat of the Shamrock IV and the crew - Chuck and Joe.  The boat departed the Ft. Slocum dock in New Rochelle at 7:45 am and we soon started our day fishing for bluefish.  As you can see from the pictures below we did pretty well.   The expertise of the crew of the Shamrock IV showed when Chuck would cast in his line and within a minute bring in another bluefish.  We all suspected that it was same fish each time because we all stood there casting and reeling and casting and reeling and...... while Chuck would cast and catch, cast and catch, get the picture.   After a few hours of fishing for blues we moved on to the more sedate activity of fluke fishing.  We were equally successful catching the fluke this year.  As you can see by the pictures everyone had a great time and we hope that those of you that were unable to join us this time will make it next year!

The First of Many!!

Agf00003.jpg (188150 bytes)
Mel holding up the first fish extracted from the Sound 

Hey I Can Do That Too!

Agf00004.jpg (185110 bytes)
Gary with the 2nd catch of the day.  With this one we were already ahead of our catch total for 1999!!! 


Agf00006.jpg (196204 bytes)
I think I'll keep my fingers over here, thank you.  

That Doesn't Look Hard!

Agf00007.jpg (254380 bytes)
Debbie watching intently as Chuck the ships surgeon removes the hook! 

Now it's Time To  Celebrate!

Agf00008.jpg (237240 bytes)

I'll Catch It You Hold It!

Agf00010.jpg (203408 bytes)
HQ with his first catch of the day!

Here I'll Do That For You!

Agf00011.jpg (255088 bytes)
Justin getting a little help from Chuck.

No Pictures - Please!

Agf00013.jpg (239756 bytes)

The always camera shy Chuck shying away from the paparazzi!


Agf00014.jpg (188096 bytes)

I don't need a towel I'll just wipe my hands on your shirt!

Hoping For Some Luck!

Agf00016.jpg (226880 bytes)
(L to R) Don, Bob(middle) and Allen(R) hoping that by rubbing shoulders with Harvey and Debbie they might catch some fish too!

Look What I Found!

Agf00017.jpg (259044 bytes)

Someone threw a perfectly good bluefish into this garbage pail!

HQ in Oral Surgery Clinic

Agf00018.jpg (177118 bytes)
HQ watching Professor Joe teach Hook Removal 101.


Agf00019.jpg (211211 bytes)
Harvey with the catch of the day...the rare Long Island Beer Fish not seen around here in many years.

I Have The Experience!

Agf00020.jpg (222933 bytes)

Mel not to be outdone by those young whipper snappers or is that flukers - keeps pace with another catch! - Hey isn't that the Captain back there?  Who steering this boat!

Who Needs the Health Club

Agf00021.jpg (188399 bytes)

HQ working on his biceps and triceps utilizing the latest in exercise equipment. 

The Winner!!

Agf00022.jpg (253356 bytes)

It was no fluke - this was the largest fish caught all day.

Not Quite!

Agf00024.jpg (248788 bytes)
Hey I may be the youngest one out here but this is not so hard!!!

I Said Smile!!!

Agf00027.jpg (253544 bytes)
Debbie seeing who does the best fish imitation 

Oops - your doormat is backwards

Agf00026.jpg (192420 bytes)

Gary and crewmate Joe showing the "light" underbelly of the fish.

Who Said I Can't Use
Both Hands!

Agf00025.jpg (124007 bytes)

Now this is how it's done - Lenny not wanting to take a lunch break decides he can fish and eat at the same time!

Hey - Don't Squeeze
Me So Hard!

Agf00028.jpg (191711 bytes)
With his fluke choking on a fish bone Brian (with his proud son watching on) tries to do the Heimlich Maneuver.

Now This Is a Group!!!

aowest fishing group.jpg (49276 bytes)


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