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2002 Fishing Trip


The 4th Annual AO Westchester Fishing Trip
July 19, 2002

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Photos courtesy of Gary Scharoff & Bob Bruskin

The forecast was ominous...all the weather computer models were calling for clouds and showers...boy were they wrong!  It was a bit hazy but no rain, plenty of sun and LOTS of humidity!!!  This trip made up for all the previous fishing trips we have sooner had we left the dock (8:00am) when we came upon our first school of blues...and from that point on we were hauling them in at a record (for AO Westchester, anyway) clip.  One after another...we were "working" those fish.  They didn't stand a chance against us...seasoned anglers that we are...Once again Captain Pat and the crew of the Shamrock IV were fantastic...hey we can catch those fish but there is no way we are going to actually touch them.  As you can see by the pictures everyone had a great time and we hope that those of you that were unable to join us this time will make it next year!

The Calm Before The Storm!

Bob and the rest of the gang waiting for the Shamrock IV to cast off!

The Other Side of the Boat

Sy and Don doing some schmoozing

5 Minutes Out and No Fish

Brian, Terry, Peter and Harvey discussing what they are going to do with all those fish they are going to catch...

In Just a Few Minutes...

Steve, Debbie & Mark relaxing a little...unaware of what is in store in just a few minutes!

The Fishing Begins...

Note that Sy still has his hat in this just a few minutes a blue fish will bite his lure...the fight was fierce in fact that we won't see that hat again!

She's Smiling Now...

Debbie waiting for a nibble...she would have to wait until late in the trip before catching her first fish...

Hey Over Here!

Sy, Don, Brian and Terry posing for the camera

Hey Aren't You Working?

Tommy insists that the singing attracts the fish to the boat!

But Not Yet

I guess the fish can't hear Tommy because we looking again!

Who Knew?

Harvey with one of the first catches of the day...he did not know it then but this would be the winning fish in the pool!

This Sure Beats Last Year!

Bob holding up the first of many he caught during the day...and they were ALL larger than the largest fish from last year!

I Want More!!!

He's at it again...

On A Roll....

Harvey hauling in another...those fish didn't stand a chance against the expertise of "The Man"

On To the Next Spot

Terry and Don taking a break!

So Serious!

Little did he know the stock market was down over 400 points!!!

Now It's My Turn

Not to be outdone by the others...Peter hauls one in too!

Nurse Hand Me That Knife!

Dr. Q with his next patient!

What's That You Say?

Harvey's catch pleading its case as Dr. Q prepares for surgery...needless to say this guy was someone's dinner later that evening!

I Really Was On The Boat

Had to get into one photo!

Lunch Already?

Don had a rough day...the fish just did not like his lure...he decided to take a lunch break!

'All The Way To The Bottom'

And reel it up fast!

The Crew

Tommy & Brian during one of the few lulls in the fishing!

Now This Is a Group!!!

Have You Seen My Hat?

Sy checking the newspaper for a new hat...there's a sale at Neiman Marcus!

Hey This Isn't Bad!

Bob Going for more!

Hey Who's Steering The Boat

Is that a newspaper in Captain Pat's lap?  Shouldn't he keep is eyes on the road?


Debbie & Mark taking a siesta!

Why Is Don Laughing!!!

See next frame>>

Hey What's This?

Is this mine?  Don checking out the suspicious looking thing hanging from his lure.

Upon Closer Look...

Strangely enough this fish was suffering from rigor mortis before it was brought on board!

Have You Seen Michael?

Steve relaxing for a minute!

There You Are!

Hey Dad...great day!!!

What A Day!

The smiles tell it all!

Hey They Are Working

Tommy and Brian preparing for the night cruise as we head in to shore!



If They Only Knew!

When these fish left there homes this morning they had no idea what was in store for them!

How Many Do You Want?

Tommy fillets the pounds and pounds of AO Westchester record catch!!!

Here It Is!

A little lemon, some butter, a little garlic, some bread crumbs...mmmmmm

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